Professor Ilene Busch-Vishniac

Mechanical Engineering Department
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland, US

Ilene Busch-Vishniac is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Johns Hopkins University. From 1998 – 2003 she was the dean of the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to her appointment, Busch-Vishniac was the Temple Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. She completed a PhD in 1981 at MIT under the direction of Richard H. Lyon. Busch-Vishniac’s main research areas are noise control and transduction. In the noise control area, her recent work has focused on hospitals with an aim to reduce noise levels to improve patient and staff comfort as well as safety. In the transduction area her most recent research deals with the development of new piezoelectric materials suitable for use in microphones, hydrophones, loudspeakers, and underwater sound sources.