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Bruel Logo
Bruel Logo

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Ground FloorFirst Floor
1-2Microflown Technologies B.V.21Sinus Messtechnik
3-4DataKustik GmBH22-23BSW GmBH
5-6Svantec Sp. z o.o.24-2501dB-METRAVIB
7Qsources26Wiley & Sons
8Odeon A/S27G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration
9-10SoundPLAN28A.B.E. Marketing
11IAC Industrial Acoustics Company29OptiNav, Inc.
12Polytec30-31EM4SYS Co. Ltd.
13-16EC Test Systems Sp. z o.o.36Delta
17Brüel Kjaer Polska Sp. z o.o.37HEAD acoustics GmBH

Gold Sponsor

Bruel Logo Brüel & Kjaer
Brüel & Kjær is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration solutions. We help our customers solve their sound and vibration problems – from measuring traffic noise and vibration in car engines to evaluating building acoustics and performing quality control. We have customers in a wide range of fields, including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and telecommunication, as well as government agencies. The products of Brüel & Kjaer company are intended for sound and vibration measurements and analysis. We offer:
  • microphones, conditioning systems, calibration systems
  • accelerometers, force and pressure transducers
  • portable sound and vibration meters
  • PULSE multi-channel systems noise and vibration
  • vibration exciters and controllers for durability tests
  • systems for continuous monitoring and noise management
  • noise mapping software and noise monitoring systems
  • systems for thermal comfort and gas concentration
Brüel & Kjaer Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Goraszewska 12,
02-910 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 8589392
Fax: +48 22 8588221

Silver Sponsor

Polytec Logo Polytec
Polytec has provided high-technology, optical measurement solutions to researchers and engineers for over 30 years. Their innovations answer many pressing manufacturing and engineering challenges such as how to improve the noise and ride characteristics of automobiles, enhance the reliability and performance of jet engine structures, study the dynamics of microstructures (MEMS), increase the resolution, precision and longevity of medical surgery and ultrasonic imaging devices or improve the accuracy of the cut-to-length process in a steel mill. Optical metrology systems offer the ability to characterize a wide range of surface parameters including roughness, waviness and flatness. Polytec develops hardware and software for complete non-contact vibration measurement and analysis. Polytec's vibrometers use heterodyne detection to precisely measure the Doppler or phase shift of back-scattered laser light. Velocity and displacement signals can then be provided by a choice of decoder determined by your measurement requirements. Polytec technology builds on the premise that non-contact vibration and velocity measurement is fundamentally non-destructive, easily aligned, and minimizes the need for time-consuming accelerometer mounting, wiring, and signal conditioning. Hardware is designed with the user in mind, providing instruments that are simple to operate and sensors that are easily integrated into the CAE design and test process. Intuitive software permits the user to quickly and confidently begin collecting data and then export data for various tasks including modal analysis and validation of finite element models.

Travel Sponsor

The LOT company services one of the largest and fastest developing European markets, offering to its clients a convenient network of air links as well as knowledge of the region, its needs and the speed of changes. LOT is a medium size European airline, but its fleet is one of the youngest and most advanced technologically. The excellent location of well-operating transit node in Warsaw and well-developed network of links with countries located east and west of Poland support Poland’s largest air carrier in expanding its share in servicing passenger and cargo flights between EU and Eastern Europe.


01dB-Metravib Logo 01dB-Metravib Company
Contact: Daniel VAUCHER,,
Tel: +33 (0)4 72 52 48 00
As a subsidiary of the AREVA Group, the French company 01dB-Metravib, expert in acoustics and vibration, has established itself in more than 40 countries worldwide, and has subsidiaries in Brazil, China, and Italy.. It offers both products and associated services, targeted for the environmental, building, industry and defence markets, relying on a strategy aiming at improving the quality of life and preventing risks.
01dB-Metravib produces measuring instruments (sound level meters, dosimeters, data recorders and multi-channel analysers), and has the capacity of meeting the very technical requirements of its customers, as well as creating unique applications. Its engineers’ know-how is always challenged by the customers’ requirements for accuracy and details. A strong research and development policy, engineering activities, as well as close collaboration with academic and industrial laboratories, have allowed 01dB-Metravib to set itself at the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH
Am Hilgenacker 24
57319 Bad Berleburg, Germany
Tel. ++49 (0) 2751 803-0,
Fax ++49 (0) 2751 803-109
BSW is one of the leading suppliers of products made of polyurethane-bound rubber granulate. Using our material Regupol, we produce numerous elastic, protective and absorbing products for a variety of applications. Our product range focuses on the production of elastic sports floorings and insulation products. Our second mainstay comprises the production of foams.  We produce the world famous judo mats, BSW Tatami, other sports mats and customised moulded parts in compound foams.  We also supply compound foam as a raw material for the manufacturing industry. We produce made-to-measure moulded parts using our polyurethane foams.

DataKustik Logo DataKustik GmbH
Gewerbering 5
86926 Greifenberg, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)8192 93308 0,
Fax: +49 (0)8192 93308 89
E-mail: info(at)
DataKustik is one of the leading manufacturers of software for immission protection. Our products for calculation and prediction of environmental noise, interior noise and air pollutant distribution as well as for building acoustics are state-of-the-art. Our software is powerful and user-friendly and successfully applied in more than 50 countries all over the world. DataKustik and ACCON form a strong alliance designing, developing, distributing and even applying software for immission protection on the highest technical level. Due to this close cooperation of acoustical experts and software engineering experts powerful software products are developed, which are rich in features and in technical innovations, but very user friendly, too.

Delta Logo Delta
Venlighedsvej 4
2970 Hørsholm, Danmark
Tel.: +45 72 19 40 00, Fax: +45 72 19 40 01
DELTA is known throughout the world for its position at the forefront of technological development and complex testing. DELTA’s core technologies are electronics, microelectronics, software technology, light, optics, acoustics, vibration and sensor technology. DELTA, provides a broad range of test and consultancy services, as well as innovative products in acoutiscs and psychoacoutcis, noise analysis, light and optics, and advanced microeletronics and sensors. The r tone method in ISO 1996-2 Annex C, was developed by DELTA, and is now available in noiseLAB.

#409 Mechatronics Dept. Gwangju Institude of Science and Technology(GIST)
1 Oryong-dong Buk-ku Gwangju 500-712, Korea
Tel : +82-62-970-3512, Fax : +82-62-970-3509
The EM4SYS Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. EM4SYS performs several projects and developments including the Personal Atomic Force Microscope (P-AFM), Laser Scanning Vibrometer (LSV-D), laser displacement/position/distance sensor, laser thickness sensor, laser paper money counting sensor, specimen automatic positioner for microscope, multi-axis precision stage for optical devices, and so on. If you have difficulty in finding a proper precision optical sensor for a wide range and fast speed, I am sure, the answer is the EM4SYS. sensing/actuating devices and technology essential to the world-wide system engineers.

ECTS Logo EC Test Systems Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lublanska 34
31-476 Krakow / Poland
Tel. +48 12 627 77 77,
Fax +48 12 627 77 70
EC Test Systems provides their clients with comprehensive solutions within measurements of such dynamic phenomena as vibration, noise, explosions, high-speed movement of objects, impact deformations, dynamics of fluids etc. An offer includes integrated R&D systems for thermal analyses such as stresses testing, vibrothermography, impulse and lock-in thermography as well as systems to carry out fatigue testing. They represent companies whose experience is widely used by the largest concerns operating in the automotive industry, aviation, armaments industry and other areas. By providing state-of-the-art solutions currently available on the market, EC Test Systems helps to create even the most complicated research and development posts.

GRAS Logo G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration A/S
Skovlytoften 33
DK-2840 Holte, Denmark
Tel: +45 45 66 40 46, Fax: +45 45 66 40 47
E-mail :
G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration any is located in Holte, Denmark and produces acoustic front-end products such as microphones, preamplifiers and signal conditioning devices. Gunnar Rasmussen is well known for his numerous contributions to the development of noise and vibration measurement instrumentation. For more than 50 years in the industry he has developed a number of key products such as modern measurement microphones, sound level meters, sound intensity probes, delta shear accelerometers and many others. He has also worked with precision, free-field and pressure reciprocity calibrations, as well as pistonphone and laser calibrations. The company develops front-end acoustic products. This includes in principle all products necessary for the precise and reliable measurement, and recording of acoustic signals, from the transducer to the input of the A/D converter. The main line of instrumentation includes a broad range of standard measurement microphones and preamplifiers, complemented by a wide range of specialised transducers and accessories for applications such as sound intensity microphones, artificial ears, ear and mouth simulators, telephone-testing equipment, HATS, pistonphones and calibrators.

Head Logo HEAD acoustics GmbH
Ebertstraße 30a,
52134 Herzogenrath, Germany
Tel: +49 2407 577-0, Fax: +49 2407 577-99,
HEAD acoustics has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and solutions for sound and vibration analyses since its foundation in 1986. HEAD acoustics develops high-performance measurement and analysis systems for multichannel sound and vibration analyses, and binaural sound investigations. The business activities of HEAD acoustics range from real time identification of sound sources, artificial head measurement technology, aurally-accurate playback and multi-channel record technology, to jury testing, virtual engineering and procedures for automatic noise detection. Consulting, training and support complement the product offering. HEAD acoustics offers comprehensive services for sound quality optimisation. In addition to our own research and development activities, we are involved in numerous national and international research projects, e.g. dealing with virtual reality. HEAD acoustics is a competent partner of all reputable automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as of numerous manufacturers and network operators in the telecommunication sector.

IAC Logo
IAC Industrial Acoustics Company
Sohlweg 17
D-41372 Niederkrüchten, Germany
Tel +49 (0) 2163 9991 0, Fax +49 (0) 2163 9991 23
E-mail :
The world's largest provider of noise and acoustic control products, structures and test facilities. The IAC Group has a large and diverse product range: multi-engine test cells, hush houses, TV and radio studios, audiology rooms, enclosures for noisy machinery, road, rail and jet wake barriers, anechoic test rooms, acoustic doors and windows, air handling units, air conditioning and power plant silencers, intake/exhaust systems for arships and luxury ferries, music practice rooms, police interviewing rooms Since 1949 Industrial Acoustics Company, Inc. has engineered and installed anechoic chambers and reverberation rooms worldwide. Our patented Metadyne and PlanarCHOIC designs meet or exceed ANSI and ISO standards and our testing facilities are supplied and installed turnkey. Custom engineered acoustic components include NoiseLock Doors and Windows and QuietDuct silencers are laboratory developed and field proven for all applications.

Microflown Logo Microflown Technologies B.V.
PO BOX 300, 6900 AH Zevenaar, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 316 58 14 90
Fax: +31 316 58 14 91
The Microflown is the worlds first and only MEMS technology based sensor that can measure the acoustic particle velocity. The Microflown sensor platform can also be used to measure: structural velocity, sound pressure, temperature, DC flow, acceleration. Microflown Technologies offers superior applications such as: fast and broad banded vehicle interior noise source path contribution analysis, ( portable ) near field acoustic camera's, sound source triangulation techniques in the acoustic far field, in situ determination of acoustic properties of materials, non contact vibration measurements / modal analysis, acoustic surveillance of strategic objects, micropore leaktesting.

Odeon Logo Odeon A/S
Scion DTU,
Diplomvej 381, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Tel: +45-88 70 88 45, Fax: +45-88 70 80 90,
Odeon is the name of the room acoustic simulation software that has been developed at the Technical University of Denmark for more than twenty years. Odeon is the state-of-the-art for acoustic simulations in large 3D models, which can easily be imported either in the dxf- or 3ds-format. For small and medium size rooms like classrooms and auditoria Odeon is an unparalleled acoustic design tool. The field of application includes noise mapping in industrial halls, sound transmission between rooms, and soundscapes. The amazing speed of calculation and the extremely flexible handling of results are demonstrated at the exhibition. Visit our stand for a demo of the handling of loudspeakers and the line-array modelling, or learn about how scattering and diffraction are modelled. Auralization can be almost real-time with the streaming convolution, or you can set up a multi-channel auralization with many independent sound sources, and the result can be presented through a multi-channel surround system or binaurally through headphones, as desired.

Optinav Logo OptiNav, Inc.
4176 148th Ave. NE
Redmond, WA 98052 USA
Tel. (425)891-4883, Fax: (425)467-1119
OptiNav, Inc., founded in greater Seattle, USA in 2000, develops state of the art phased array imaging systems for acoustical consultants, universities, and laboratories. Robert Dougherty is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of beamforming. Array 24 can image steady and unsteady noise sources and isolate and quantify them by position, time, and frequency band. Advanced beamforming techniques include DAMAS2 and the breakthrough deconvolution algorithm TIDY.

Qsources Logo Qsources
Ketelwinning 38
3293 Diest, Belgium
Tel: 00-32-479 36 96 28,
The company, founded in 1992, started by designing and building a single instrumented sound source product in small series. Today the product range covers a range of specialized sound sources, patented shakers and custom developed sensors, test-beds etc. Qsources combines in-house design and development as well as small series production especially in the field of: Lorenz drive systems, speaker design, piezo sensor design and sensor integration, structural- and human interface-design, miniaturization, electronics integration, etc.

Sinus Logo SINUS Messtechnik GmbH
SINUS Messtechnik GmbH
Foepplstraße 13
D-04347 Leipzig, Germany
Tel: +49-341-244 2911,
Fax: +49-341-244 299
General Manager: Gunther Papsdorf
SINUS Messtechnik GmbH, founded in 1990, is a developer and manufacturer of acoustic and vibration measurement systems, specialized in portable multichannel measurement systems. The SINUS product range includes sound level meters, sound and vibration monitoring systems, multichannel systems with up to 128 channels and acoustical camera. The main product, SoundbookTM equipped with the SAMURAI software, offers a wide range of acoustical measurement possibilities for many types of applications. SINUS also offers complete system solutions including sensors and accessories with the support of a worldwide distributor network.

Soundplan Logo SoundPLAN International LLC
80 E Aspley Lane, Shelton, WA 98584, USA
T: +1 360 432 9840
F: +1 360 432 9821
SoundPLAN is recognized as the world leader in noise planning and mapping software with cutting edge noise control innovations (come to our booth to learn about the new calculation core in the just released SoundPLAN 7.0), fast calculations and striking graphics, plus an entire suite of air pollution evaluation and mapping modules. SoundPLAN's integrated noise control for road, rail, industry, aircraft and leisure noise planning helps you manage any size or type of noise situation while keeping your project on budget and on time. With a user interface in 14 languages and a customer base spanning more than 50 countries and thousands of facilities, SoundPLAN is proven software setting the standard in noise control and air pollution evaluation.

Svantek Logo Svantek
Plac Inwalidów 3/62
01-514 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: (+48 22) 839 00 31,
Fax: (+48 22) 839 64 26
We are a Polish company established in 1990. We design and manufacture professional instruments for sound and vibration measurement and analysis. Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality products with the best price versus performance ratio in the world market. We entered the market in early 1993 with a portable sound and vibration analyser, SVAN 910A. Since then, we introduced: SVAN 912A(AE), a Type 1 Handheld Sound and Vibration Analyser used for most acoustic and vibration measurements all around the world, families of portable instruments SVAN 94X and SVAN 95x with the best selling SVAN 958 four channel analyzer dedicated for Human Vibration Measurement with accompanying sound measurements. Our offer has been recently extended by LOW COST INSTRUMENTS: SV 102 Dual Channel Dosimeter and SVAN 954 Vibration Analyzer. Moreover, we have just launched a new series of monitoring stations. As all the other products, monitoring stations from Svantek represent the highest quality for the reasonable price which makes SVANTEK very competitive company on a world market.

Wiley Logo John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Wiley's Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly (STMS) business, also known as Wiley-Blackwell, serves the world's research and scholarly communities, and is the largest publisher for professional and scholarly societies. Wiley-Blackwell's programs encompass journals, books, major reference works, databases, and laboratory manuals, offered in print and electronically. Through Wiley InterScience, we provide online access to a broad range of STMS content through licensing agreements. Our Professional/Trade (P/T) business serves professionals and consumers alike, producing books, subscription content, and information services, in all media, in targeted categories. Our portfolio of global brands includes For Dummies, Frommer's, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, CliffsNotes, Webster's New World, J.K. Lasser, Jossey-Bass, Pfeiffer, and Sybex. Subject areas include business, technology, architecture, professional culinary, psychology, education, travel, health, religion, consumer reference, pets, and general interest. Wiley Higher Education serves undergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students, lifelong learners, and, in Australia, secondary school students. We publish educational materials in all media, notably through WileyPLUS, our integrated online suite of teaching and learning resources. Our programs target the sciences, engineering, computer science, mathematics, business and accounting, statistics, geography, hospitality and the culinary arts, education, psychology, and modern languages.

ABE Logo A.B.E. Marketing
Ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego 17
30-509 Kraków
Tel. +48 22 296 33 36
Tel/Fax +48 22 296 33 37
A.B.E. Marketing specializes in import and distribution of publications from all around the world. Our main partners are based in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France & Japan . A.B.E. Marketing offers to its clients the largest collection of scientific & trade books in Eastern Europe. Currently there are over 140.000 publications available on order, 30.000 can be dispatched immediately. A.B.E. Marketing cooperates with all major publishing houses. A.B.E. Marketing is also a subscription agency offering over 60.000 scientific & trade journals. The subscription costs are based on catalogue prices. Our customers can manage their subscription via our on-line system.