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Paper Preparation Guidelines

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now closed. The abstracts has been reviewed. Notification of abstracts acceptance has been sent to all the authors. If you still have an abstract to submit, please contact Congress Secretariat by email.

Number of pages

Your paper should not exceed the maximum of eight (8) pages.
There is only one exception to the above rule; keynote papers may be up to sixteen (16) pages long.

The ICSV16 Organising Committee has the right to reject papers considered inappropriate for the proceedings, even if the abstract originally appeared to be acceptable.

Submission deadline

All papers are advised to be received as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file no later than 30 April 2009. In case of any problems in preparing a PDF file, please email the ICSV16 Secretariat at:

All papers must be submitted through the congress website: Please login with your email address and password (created when submitting your abstract; use the “Remind me my password” link if you have forgotten your password), then follow the instructions below. Please note that the on-line paper submission system only accepts PDF files no larger than 2 MB. In case of any problems during submitting your paper, do not hesitate to contact the Congress Secretariat at:

Full paper acceptance

The joint policy of the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee is that paper abstracts are reviewed only. This means that once an abstract is accepted, the associated full paper is also accepted, provided it meets the required format. The Committees take no responsibility for the contents of the paper. Authors of accepted papers are officially and cordially invited to participate in the ICSV16 Congress.


Please note that the official language of the ICSV16 is English.

The presentation time planned for all invited and contributed papers is 15 minutes, plus 3 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for changeover. The session chairman is responsible for keeping to these rules. Please make sure you are able to stay within these limits.

The presentation time for keynote papers is 45 minutes.

At least one presenter/author of a paper must register for the Congress by 31 May 2009.
Please note that the registration fee entitles you to only one paper presentation. Additional presentations are each charged an “extra paper fee” of EUR 100.

Please note that the final acceptance of your paper is subject to the receipt of the corresponding registration fee by the ICSV16 Congress Secretariat.

Paper templates

You can download templates for LaTeX, or for Microsoft Word (there is no preference of template format).


Instruction for Paper Submission

  1. Download and unpack ICSV16 paper templates. You can choose between LaTeX and Microsoft Word versions.
  2. Read carefully the instructions in the included PDF file.
  3. Edit the included source file (.tex file in case of LaTeX, .doc file in case of Microsoft Word). Replace the exemplary text by your paper content.
  4. When your paper is ready, generate the .pdf file. In case of LaTeX, this may be done by invoking pdflatex on your source file. In case of Microsoft Word, additional software may be required (e.g., Adobe Acrobat).
  5. Check if your paper file is no larger than 2 MB. If it is, reduce your illustrations resolution.
  6. Proofread your paper! There will be no proofreading of papers done by ICSV16 Scientific Committee.
  7. Log in to your ICSV16 account (you do not need to be the leading author).
  8. Submit your paper through ICSV16 web submission form available through the "My papers" menu at the top of ICSV16 web pages. Note: full paper submission is available to you only if your abstract has been accepted.

Problems and Inquiries

In case of any problems occurring during the on-line full paper submission procedure described above please contact ICSV16 Organising Committee at