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The Organisation “HELLENIC ASSOCIATION of TOLL ROAD NETWORK” with the distinctive title “HELLASTRON” was founded in late 2014 with the participation of all modern motorways and toll infrastructures operating in Greece.

In the non-profit organisation “HELLASTRON” the following companies participate:

The organisation was created with the overall aim to promote road transport in Greece and within such framework its object includes inter alia:

  • The continuous improvement of the road infrastructures and the services provided to the users;
  • The promotion of road safety;
  • The promotion of research on transport issues through partnerships with relevant Organisations and Institutes in Greece and abroad;
  • The development of the science of construction and management of road infrastructures, the creation of skilled and informed personnel and the exchange of relevant know-how;
  • The participation in the corresponding organisations in Europe and worldwide.
DYNAMIC ACOUSTICS S.A. (DynAcoustics) is a hi-tech company recently founded from experts with large, substantial and age-long scientific experience, gained in public services and organizations, dealing with noise protection and emphasizing on environmental acoustics, airborne, structure borne & ground borne noise, vibration, air pollution, as well as with the development and operation of monitoring and environmental managing systems using telematics. The main activity sectors of DYNACOUSTICS are:
  • Management and Monitoring of the Acoustic Environment: Road – Airport – Railway noise, Port activities noise, Worksite noise, Heavy vehicle and construction machinery noise.
  • Noise Monitoring systems for urban, suburban & natural acoustic environments.
  • Atmospheric quality monitoring systems.
  • Sound level meters, Noise statistical analyzers, dose meters, air pollution & meteorological data meter systems.
  • Design & Implementation of Traffic Noise Barriers, providing effective noise reduction, together with minimization of visual intrusion.
  • Noise mitigation measures.
  • Anti- Vibration mitigation measures.
  • Monitoring and management of the quality of the atmospheric environment and air pollution.
  • Telematic networks & Computer systems.
  • Assurance of integrated standards of predicting noise according to the most recent European directives.

TT&E S.A. (TRAFFIC TRANSPORTATION & ENVIRONMENT CONSULTANTS SA), headquartered in Athens, is a leading company of consulting engineers in Greece with an outstanding reputation in environmental noise and vibration studies specializing mainly in the fields of noise and vibration measurement technology, and assessment, as well air quality control. TT&E was established in 1997 and has been involved with various environmental noise and vibration studies for Attiko Metro (lines 2 and 3), the relevant extensions, Thessaloniki Metro, Athens Tram, Greek Railways, Athens International Airport, Attiki Odos (Athens Ring Road) Egnatia Odos, Nea & Kentriki Odos, Aegean Motorway and Olympia Odos. The company was involved in drafting the Strategic Noise Maps & Action Plans for the Cities of Athens, Volos, Larissa and other the major cities in Greece as well as for the International Airport of Athens. The company has elaborated studies for the noise mitigation measures along all the new highways in Greece e.g. PATHE Highway. Moreover it has elaborated Strategic Noise Mapping Studies & Action Plans for Nicosia and Lemessos and the Int. Airports of Larnaka and Pafos in Cyprus. TT&E S.A. has also participated in many European Projects (Qcity, City Hush, Quiet-Track etc.)
ACCON GmbH, headquartered in Greifenberg, Germany is one of the leading environmental consulting companies, focusing on noise, vibration, air pollution control and light nuisance. ACCON provides support to national and international private and public clients in all aspects of environmental protection. ACCON services include the measurement, calculation and preparation of expert reports. With recognized work in national and European collaborative research projects, ACCON develops the current state of technology in the fields of environmental protection and safety at work.
TTE S.A. & ACCON GmbH, has maintained the last years an international interdisciplinary working team of engineers of various disciplines, relating to environmental noise protection with emphasis to Strategic noise mapping and Noise Action Plans.
T&S Technologies Group is one of China’s leading solution providers for noise and vibration control products and systems. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to provide our customers with individual concepts – made to measure according to their unique requirements. We provide complete solutions for noise and vibration measurement, analysis and optimization, as well as comprehensive services that enable acoustic engineers to develop superior products.

PEMARD are Developers for Developers and End Users: Our products Olive Tree Lab-Suite (for End Users) and Olive Tree Lab-Acoustics Lib (for Developers) stem from the concept of Olive Tree Lab which like a tree, branches out to all fields of acoustics, architectural acoustics (Room, Building and Noise Control) and environmental acoustics (of open Terrain and Underwater). Currently Olive Tree Lab-Suite includes Room and Open Plan Office acoustics (ISO 3382) and OTL-Terrain (ISO 9613). Our Olive Tree Lab- Acoustics Lib code library provides the infrastructure to enable software developers and the academia to create their own SW application. Vibro-Acoustic Ltd, our Italian partners, compliment PEMARD's activities with a wide range of knowledge and experience in analysis and instrumentation covering Buildings, Motorways, Railways, Ports and Airports as well Automotive NVH, Hi-Speed Trains, Ships and Civil Aerospace. Vibro-Acoustic Ltd are specialists in vibro-acoustic material properties (testing and simulation), psychoacoustics analysis and noise and vibration instrumentation and monitoring.
01dB is a brand of ACOEM group (450 employees). 01dB contributes to reducing noise and vibrations to levels complying with regulations or set out in sustainable development strategies. 01dB is aimed at the industrial sector, towns, transportation, the public works and construction sector, wind power and the leisure industry. 01dB offers a complete range of products and services dedicated to noise and vibration measurement, assessment and monitoring. This includes data acquisition and processing solutions via simple and effective web interfaces. Operational staff can therefore focus on data analysis and decision-making.

Acoustics Consultancy Company (ACC) is a team of experts in Acoustics, Noise & Vibration (ANV) control that has been dedicated since 1989 to design solutions in these fields. ACC offers consultancy services in: architectural/building acoustics, infrastructure, vessels and environmental studies related to ANV control. The company offers these services through its extended experience and its wide range of measuring equipment and specialized software.

Acoustic Metamaterials (AMM) Inc. offers acoustic and noise control solutions for various industries: aerospace, HVAC, automobile, medical, heavy machinery, transportation, buildings, railroad, music, etc. AMM Inc., is dedicated to research, fabrication and manufacturing of acoustic metamaterials for acoustics and noise control. AMM Inc. has conducted proprietary research in acoustic metamaterials and has patented unique noise control materials for industrial applications.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI Ltd, located in Athens, is one of the leading firms in acoustics, noise and vibration control in Europe. It is utilising the most advanced equipment and its staff experience in the field, to resolve complex noise control and vibration isolation problems. We also design, manufacture and distribute vibration isolators around the world under the brand name VIBRO.

BSW is one of the leading suppliers of products made of polyurethane-bound rubber granulate and also products made of foam. Using our materials Regupol® and Regufoam®, we produce numerous elastic, protective and absorbing products for high-quality mpact sound insulation and vibration isolation. With our wide product range and innovative product solutions BSW is always on your wavelength.

DataKustik is one of the leading manufacturers of software for immission protection. Our products for calculation and prediction of environmental noise, interior noise and air pollutant distribution as well as for building acoustics are state-of-the-art. Our software is powerful and user-friendly and successfully applied in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Diasen brand was born in 1985 by the idea of Floriano Mingarelli. The company produces energy saving products, made of natural components that interpret the key principles of eco-friendly building in accordance with modern standards for thermal and acoustic insulation. Another strategic field is composed by solvent-free protective coatings that mainly function as an effective waterproofing systems for parking lots, playgrounds, swimming pools.

The Acoustic Camera – The innovative Way of Sound Analysis. Gfai tech GmbH (founded in 2006 as a 100% subsidiary GFaI e.V. – www.gfai.de) is located in Germany’s leading science and technology park in Berlin-Adlershof. The company’s focus is the worldwide marketing and production of research and development findings of the R&D society GFaI e.V.. Examples of products are the Acoustic Camera, TOP-Energy, FinalScan, FinalSurface and more. The Acoustic Camera is a tool for sound localization, brought to market in 2001 as a pioneer technique it is still world market leader. It is a lightweight, modular and versatile system for the localization and analysis of sound sources. The areas of application are as diverse as the world of sound. The Acoustic Camera operates in the automotive industry, household industry, aircraft- and engine construction, for measurements of wind energy plants, zoological appliances and to conduct room- and psychoacoustic analyses.

G.R.A.S. develops and manufactures proven standard and specialized high-precision measurement microphones and related tools for solving any kind of acoustic measurement challenge.

Whether you are searching for a multi-channel solution, a replacement microphone or an advanced, customized sensor design, we will help you achieve the right sensor for the right application.

We look forward to welcoming you at Booth #5.

Hefio One is the first self-calibrating headphone on the market. It measures the individual in-ear frequency response and then estimates the response at the eardrum. It actively calibrates to always achieve the desired reproduction target at the eardrum. They are ideal for professionals in audio and meet a market need for control over reproduced sound, maximum fidelity, and individualization.

ODEON A/S develops and distributes software which is used for acoustic simulations and measurements in all kinds of environments: auditorias, industrial environments, canteens, restaurants, offices, schools, railway stations, stadiums etc.

3D models can be created in Trimble SketchUp, imported from other CAD software in the .dxf or .3ds formats or created using ODEON’s own modelling tools. Materials, sources, receivers etc. are handled smoothly in a user friendly interface. Results include Room Acoustic Parameters presented in Graphs and Color Maps, Decay curves, 3D Reflection Paths, Reflectograms and state of the art Auralisation. Since ODEON 12 an impulse response measuring system has been added, allowing comparison of measurements and simulations inside the same software.

Microflown Technologies profile
Microflown Technologies is well known for its unique Microflown sensor that directly measures the acoustic particle velocity. Microflown sensor enabled vibroacoustic testing methods provide new possibilities for sound and vibration testing, both during the product development stage as well as for end of line manufacturing control. We would kindly invite you to visit our booth for a demo of our Scan & Paint 3D (stationary problems) and Acoustic Camera (non-stationary problems) and demonstrate the unique benefits of our methods.

For more information please visit us on booth# 40 or visit: www.microflown.com

Polytec Vibrometers – Indispensable Tools for Sound and Vibration Analysis
Polytec is a leading manufacturer of non-contact measurement systems for vibration, length, speed, and topography. Laser sensors from Polytec offer high-performance solutions for critical measurement challenges. When it comes to non-contact vibration measurement, Polytec instruments set the international standard. There is a multitude of applications for our vibrometers: from micro and nanotechnology to heavy engineering, from automotive and aerospace development to acoustics and life sciences. In product development, Polytec’s laser vibrometers help to increase efficiency, shorten development time and reduce costs. Typical applications are experimental modal analysis, FE test correlation, and quality control in the production process. Regarding the improvement of acoustics and vibration, scanning vibrometry is an essential tool for effective NVH optimization. The vibrational characteristics of a sample is aquired full field under operational or excited conditions. The results represent the true vibrational characteristics as no added mass is influencing the measurement.

RION Co., Ltd. a Japanese manufacturer of sound and vibration measuring instruments. Its current range of products includes hand-held sound level meters and vibration meters as well as aircraft and environmental noise monitors for permanent installation. Our Multi-Function Measuring System of tablet device will be shown at the show and we hope it attracts your interest.

Soundinsight is a spin-off company of the University of Twente in the Netherlands. It focuses on the development of technical solutions to assist acoustic engineers to gain insight in their acoustic challenges and to solve them fast and efficiently.
The Soundinsight-team consists of experienced acoustic engineers with academic backgrounds. We develop state of the art acoustic measuring methods and equipment. Its first product, the Sonocat, measures sound absorption, sound intensity/power and sound transmission of any material on site. With the use of the Sonocat, you don't need to bring the material to the laboratory.
The “LABORATORY OF TRANSPORTATION ENVIRONMENTAL ACOUSTICS - L.T.E.A.” aims to support the educational and research activities of students and researchers at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Thessaly.

The main scientific sectors of its research and educational activities, are:
  • Applications of Advanced Technology Monitoring Systems for airborne and ground-borne noise and vibration from the construction and operation of Transportation Projects - Acoustic measurements of airborne and ground-borne noise and vibration – Technical Specifications for advanced monitoring systems for the urban acoustic environment.
  • Environmental Impacts Research regarding Noise and Vibration from the operation of ground (road systems and LRT systems), air and marine transportation projects.
  • Anti noise and anti-vibration protection measures application & evaluation research, concerning the operation of Transportation Systems.
  • Metrology of Ground Borne Noise & Vibration, Anti-vibration mitigation measures for Light Rail Transit Systems (LRT) design & effectiveness evaluation (floating slab, anti-vibration elastomers, elastic encapsulation of rails, squealing noise abatement systems, environmental noise absorption, etc).
  • Urban Acoustic Landscape protection & Land use environmental planning.
  • Noise protection of dwellings and other acoustically sensitive receptors from environmental transportation noise.
  • Application of European Standards and Directives emphasizing on Environmental Noise and Vibration.
  • Technical and Environmental Law with emphasis on the protection of the acoustic urban environment.
  • Road traffic noise absorption of various road surfaces.
  • Dynamic Prediction Modelling for airborne and ground borne noise from transportation projects - Strategic Noise Mapping & Noise Action Plans according to 2002/49/EC
  • Noise Barrier Design & Acoustic calculation – Aesthetic design & evaluation of noise barrier types & various construction materials & shapes, in the context of upgrading the urban environment quality both acoustically and aesthetically

LTEA - Laboratory of Transportation Environmental Acoustics
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly
Pedion Areos, GR-38334 Volos, Greece
Tel.: +3024210 74129, +3024210 74172, Fax: +3024210 74119
Εmail: ltea@uth.gr
AKTOR is an international highly diversified company focused on Infrastructure, Building, Industrial, MEP, Solar Power Construction, EPC and Concession Contracts, Facility and Project Management. AKTOR is member of the ELLAKTOR Group of companies, which was ranked 76th in ENR’s list for the top 225 Global Contractors, in 2010.

AKTOR having successfully executed a number of technically challenging projects throughout its long history which counts more than 60 years, disposes today 12,300 colleagues worldwide and continuously expands its activities, operating at twenty different countries already.

By the Concession Agreement (Law 3621/2007 as amended and applies with L. 4219/2013), the State assigned to the Concessionaire OLYMPIA ODOS S.A. the Project “Design-Construction-Financing-Operation-Maintenance and Exploitation of Elefsina-Korinthos-Patra Motorway”.
The construction of the motorway is expected to significantly upgrade the geometrical and operational properties of the road network with obvious impact to road safety. The project’s completion will greatly contribute to the development of Western Greece as it will reduce travelling times and facilitate the transfer of people and goods.
The Concessionaire assigned the Design-Construction Project to APION KLEOS CJV. The construction activities are focused:
  • On the construction of the 120km-long Korinthos-Patra new section
  • The improvement of the motorway’s 82 km-long existing sections (63.2 km-long Elefsina-Korinthos section and 18.3 km-long Patra By-Pass)

TERNA is the construction company of GEK TERNA Group, a leading Greek business group and has been actively involved in the implementation of a broad spectrum of public and private projects of considerable budget and complex know-how, such as the construction of Highway and Railway networks, Thermal power plants, Dams, Industrial facilities, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Museums, Resorts, Hydro-electric plants, RES parks, etc for more than 40 years. The company has operations in Greece, SE Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
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