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The presentation cannot be uploaded in the room but MUST BE uploaded previously at the “speakers ready desk” in the KAPPA ROOM (-1 Level )

You are kindly requested - at the beginning of your session, and at any other time that you find appropriate e.g. to any new author coming to the podium – to remind this important thing to all the authors/attendees. The automatic system has been set up and all presentations of your session – if already uploaded at the “speakers ready desk”– will start at the exact scheduled time as per the program. Then from the start of a given presentation (and according to the clock shown on screen) :

  • after 15 minutes the presentation is completed and the questions period can begin for the next 3 minutes,
  • after 18 (15+3) minutes the question time frame is now completed and the author needs to leave the podium leaving the floor to the next author invited to take his place within the next 2 minutes). In this moment the previous presentation is closed and the screen shows only the ICSV23 accompanying by a music background and the clock,
  • after 18th minute until the  20th (15+3+2) minutes the background  music is on and the screen will show only the ICSV23 logo, (the new speaker needs to move to the podium and be ready for his pptx presentation automatic start). After the 20th minute the procedure starts again as above.

What to do in case of...

  1. Author ‘no-show’ : No changes between presentations are allowed – there is nothing to do: the system goes on following the “20 minutes (15+3+2) automatic schedule” as described above.
  2. Author late (but the presentation has already ON and the clock is ticking) :
    • If he/she is just a bit late (1-2 min), you can give him/her the remaining time
    • If he/she is very late (more than 5-6 min), there is the need of finding a new slot for his/her presentation through the “speakers ready desk” if is possible
    • Therefore ask the staff present in the room to contact asap the appointed technician in charge to manage the slots, in order to try to find – if possible – a new slot and communicate asap the result to the author and the chair.
  3. The presentation was not uploaded in the system by the author:
    • Ask the staff present in the room to contact asap the technical staff in charge to manage the slots and direct the author to the “speakers ready desk”
    • The “speakers ready desk” will try to find – if possible – a new slot and communicate the result to the author and the chair
  4. The presentation does not start or stops before the end
    • Ask the staff in the room to contact asap the responsible technician to solve the problem.
    • If the problem remains and a new slot is needed to be found, then the technician in charge to manage the slots will contact the  “speakers ready room” staff  to find a solution.
    • In every case an alternative back solution will be also available.

At the end of the session, each chair should fill in the evaluation form (you should find some copies on the table) and give it back to the staff.

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