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!!! Online ICSV27 Proceedings are available here !!!

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The 27th International Congress on Sound and Vibration will be held on July 11-16, 2021. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, ICSV27 will become completely virtual. It will be held on schedule during the week of July 11-16, 2021. Because of the different time zones around the world, all papers will be pre-recorded. Full written papers must be submitted before April 31, 2021. Only authors with accepted abstracts and full written papers can take part in presenting papers during the scheduled sessions. Questions and answers will be handled through the chatbox system. They will be answered after each paper has been presented. 

Other delegates without abstracts and written papers can also attend the virtual ICSV27 on payment of the registration 

Registrations for ICSV27 are open from 3 March till May 31, 2021.

Instructions for presenters are available on the web at your profile.

The fully virtual congress ICSV27 is available on the platform:


Login with your email - only for registered participants.

The video presentations are available till 3 months after the congress.

Presentations (all pre-recorded) starts on Monday, July 12 at 9:30 AM (CEST - Central European Summer Time).

Because of the pandemic and lack of time, the organizers are willing, this one time, to allow participants to take part in the technical programme with only an abstract, although an extended two-page abstract is preferred.

Those taking part in the technical programme must re-register and have paid their registration fee(s) and have a full paper or abstract.

Electronic versions of all accepted full papers will be submitted for publication in "Scopus" and the "Web of Science".

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International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
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