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'To promote the interdisciplinary areas of study within
acoustics and the mechanics of solids and fluids'

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Committees established by the IIAV President, Marek Pawelczyk:

» Bylaws Revision Committee:
Chair: Hans Boden
Members: Colin Hansen, Luis Bento Coelho, Malcolm Crocker, Len Gelman

» Future and Long-Term Goals Committee:
Chair: Malcolm Crocker
Members: Luis Bento Coelho, Barry Gibbs, Semyung Wang, Hans Boden

» Honours and Awards Committee:
Chair: Leonid Gelman
Members: Luis Bento Coelho, Jim B. W. Kok, M. L. Munjal, Bert Roozen, Ricardo Musafir, Andrew Seybert

» Membership Committee:
Chair: Rupert Thornely-Taylor
Members: James Talbot, Jeong-Guon Ih, Len Gelman, Maria de Diego, Samir Gerges, Shojiro Kaji, Tamer Elnady, Xiaojun Qiu, Zhushi Rao, Maria Heckl

» Nominations and Elections Committee:
Chair: Len Gelman
Members: Malcolm Crocker, Hans Boden, Luis Bento Coelho, Barry Gibbs, Maria Heckl, Nicole Kessissoglou

» Publications Committee:
Chair: Jorge Arenas
Members: Marc Asselineau, Steve Elliott, Robin Langley, Nuno Maia, Malcolm Crocker

» Tellers Committee:
Chair: Semyung Wang
Members: Dan Marghitu, Malcolm Crocker, Zhuang Li, Hans Boden

» ICSV Papers Evaluation Rules Committee:
Chair: Colin Hansen
Members: Jim B.W. Kok, Steve Elliott, Jorge Arenas, Lars Hakansson, Malcolm Crocker

» Sponsors and Exhibitors Committee:
Chair: Michel Rosmolen
Members: Semyung Wang, Bela Buna, Janusz Kowal, Sergey Sorokin, Robert Randall, Richard Peppin

Duties of the Committees are defined in the Bylaws and in the Manual of Operations.

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