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2018-01-30/ Bruel Gold Medal Crocker

Per Bruel Gold Medal for Noise Control and Acoustics awarded to Malcolm J. Crocker


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Information about Dr. Thomas Lago

IIAV Status:

Past Director 2004-2008


QirraSound Technologies Europe AB

Landsnoravägen 77A
19251 Sweden







Biographical Notes:

A creative, enthusiastic, high-achieving executive with almost thirty years of outstanding performance based on a solid education consisting of an M.Sc. (EE) and Ph.D. (CE) from the University of Lund, Sweden, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), and an MBA type education (selected courses plus Hewlett Packard’s Sales and Marketing school, (Sweden and the USA). Currently, Chairman and Chief Scientist of a leading, innovative and entrepreneurial company (Acticut International AB/LLC). Formerly, President and Chief Scientist of a $9 million leading USA sales company in the Sound & Vibration business. Prior responsibility reflects outstanding career growth and progress through various high-tech businesses, including European Product Line Manager for Hewlett Packard’s Dynamic Signal Analyzer Products and International Business Development Manager for a $60M company group in the sound and vibration industry, as well as multifunctional responsibilities including sales and marketing, strategic planning, engineering, but also finance and human resource leadership. Have also founded several companies in the sound and vibration business segment and performed as a Board of Director member.

He has a doctorate in underwater acoustics and have performed multiple projects for the Swedish navy but also for navy groups outside Sweden. He has developed unique underwater systems for current measurements together with wave height measurements, advanced LOFAR and other innovative underwater signal processing methods like The Symmiktos Method™ and the MPCA Method™ and the state-of-the-art metal cutting system Acticut®. His patent portfolio includes more than 25 patents. He has received multiple industry awards for his outstanding work in effectively combining academia with industry. He is currently the Chairman and Chief Scientist for Acticut International AB (publ). Dr Lagö is also the International Science and Business Liaison for Green Valley Development in North West Arkansas, a leading Sustainability Organization in the USA with roots in Walmarts Green Commitment ( As part of his international work in USA – Europe – India – Africa – South America, he has network with the US Embassy and was invited to speak at the ”INVEST IN AMERICA SEMINAR”, February 22, 2010. Next invitation was as an invited speaker at the Swedish conference ”ATLANTIC CROSSING – A CONFERENCE ABOUT SUCCESS (and failure) in the USA”, Aug 19, 2010. Lagö also participated in the NASDAQ Closing Ceremony, Aug 20, 2010, where he represented Green Valley Development. He was also an invited speaker at E-days (Entrepreneurial Days) in Göteborg, Sweden. He was an Invited Speaker together together with Skanska and talked about Green Buildings and Green Strategies – presenting a US Perspective.

Lagö is an adjunct professor at University of Arkansas in Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech in Mechanical Engineering, the Vibration and Acoustics Lab (VAL), and at Brigham Young University, Physics and Astronomy, plus World Capital University in Electrical Engineering. Hence, his expertise covers four disciplines: EE, ME, CE and Physics and this have helped in bridging educational and teknological gaps believed to be “impossible” due to lack of cross scienece understanding.

Lagö is involved in a number of scientific organization like the British Institute for Non Destructive Testing, the Condition Monitoring Branch (CM20XX – European Conference on CBM), MFPT (The Applied Systems Health Management Conference held in the USA) and the next conference in Southafrica (18th World Conference for Non-Destructive Testing). Lagö has been the Director for IIAV, International Institute for Acoustics and Vibration and is also serving as a Board of Directors member for the following Scientific Boards (current and past): SEM-IMAC (Society for Experimental Acoustics), SAE (Society for Automotive Engfineering, NVH), ICSV (International Institute for Sound and Vibration), SVIB (Scandinavian Vibration Institute) etc.

Lagö has received the “Best Poster Paper Award,” at the 16th Symposium on Vehicle Dynamics held at the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics, in Pretoria, South Africa, September 1999 and an award for the successful work of developing the Blekinge Institute of Technology together with the industry in collaborative projects. The award was given by the Blekinge county industry group. Acticut International AB (publ) has received 6 awards for its outstanding products, work and system solutions.

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